What My Clients Say

"I went to see Paul at a rather low point in my life. I lost both of my parents one year after the other.

Even though my career was on an upward trend, I was too afraid to taste the success or to step outside of my comfort zone.

Paul has a great way to allow you to find and to fix the blockers to your own success. Through a few structured sessions, I was able to discover so much more about my inner strengths. My confidence has grown; I could open my arms to embrace new opportunities.

I highly recommend Paul to anyone who feels that they need a little steer to the right direction in their life or their career.

Take this step and you won't regret it." Dr Runli Guo - Business Information Security Officer 

"Paul has been wonderful with my two sons. They were treated separately and were both very relaxed in his company, even looking forward to the next time they saw him.
He was able to connect with them and although I kept an open mind about how effective it might be, it has exceeded our expectations.

We could have struggled on without seeing Paul, but the difference it has made is incredible - I would highly recommend Paul to anyone." Caroline South

"I contacted Paul after suffering considerable difficulties in my relationships. Paul has a great knack of making one realise the internal issues that are causing blockages in one's life. It's not the he has the answers but that he asks the right questions.
I found each session shook something up in my deep subconscious that percolated to the surface between sessions. The method is simple but the results profound.
I highly recommend Paul for anyone looking for a simple solution to seemingly complex problems." Gerald Gregory

" I visited Paul for a 'future life progression reading'. Although I had read about this I was pretty unsure about how this would go for me, and felt quite nervous, not least because I was aware that I might not 'see' into my future, I have experienced future time line work, but it had not resonated with me. Paul put me at ease, and I trusted that I was in safe hands."

The session went very quickly, an hour seemed to go fast. I really did 'see' and 'feel' myself in five and ten years time, and it was all very reassuring and positive. I did not want to come back to the present at the end of the session! However, it has concentrated my mind on choices and important decisions that I need to make, and to remind oneself that our future selves comes with the choices we make now.

I would really recommend this experience with Paul." Carol Hughes

“I came to Paul as I was suffering with mild anxiety and a subtle dependency, which was probably fuelled by my student lifestyle. At the time I intended to live and work abroad, so it was crucial my ‘problems’ were dealt with. I’m quite a stubborn person and was sceptical about whether or not therapy would help me, or if I needed the help. However, I was instantly made to feel at ease during the session and I soon noticed a huge change in my behaviour. I was able to confidently go and work in another country on my own and be comfortable in my own body around others.

It’s been two years on and I am so grateful for the sessions Paul gave me. I am so much more confident in myself and my abilities and I haven’t needed any further help. Nothing really fazes me anymore- in fact, I love a challenge.” Annabel Dry, Wadhurst

"Working with Paul helped me to settle my nerves about a decision I had made with no known outcome. It was definitely the way forward for me in terms of trusting my decision was right for the future of my business. Using a process called Psychology of Self I was able to connect to the stronger, intuitive, creative and more confident aspects of myself and in doing so have been able to embrace change regardless of what it will bring. If you want a sense of calm and self certainty in life Paul will help you regain your focus and set you on your way" Wendy Fry, Business Coach

"Want a passport to your future ? Then I highly recommend Paul Stevens - The guy is a genius at what he does . I booked in for a future life progression session as I was lacking in clarity to take my business forward . All I can say is WOW ! I connected with my future self and saw exactly the direction my business had gone . I was able to see people who I had worked with to get to my next level , the name of my book along with all the steps I had to take to
achieve my goals.

The very next morning , I took action and reached out to the person I had seen as my first stepping stone to my bigger picture . I was totally clear on my business direction which resulted in me making £33k within just 48hrs of the session finishing." Vanessa Moss, Lifestyle Expert & Self Mastery Mentor

"Having spoken to a friend about all the uncertainty in my life at the moment, he suggested that I go and see Paul for a Future Life Progression (FLP) consultation. Not sure what I was in for I booked an appointment and I’m so glad I did. Through a guided meditation Paul enabled me to contact the wisdom of myself in 5 and 10 years time. Not only has this given me a new perspective on what is happening in my life now, but it has given me a revived hope for the future of my life, and has helped me to focus on what I need to do in the here and now to achieve my life purpose – I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. So a big “THANK YOU” to Paul and FLP for helping me get my life back on track." Lisa T

"I found Paul to be a genuine and sincere professional who immediately put you at easy in an unhurried manner in a comfortable environment. The Past Life Regression session that I underwent was vivid and uplifting and opened my mind to new possibilities" Mark, Tunbridge Wells

"You know this week was the best coaching session we've had (the rest were great too) but you really helped me open up my mind and realise I'm in control of everything going on and all is based on my decisions which are easily changed, where as I was stuck thinking this is how things have to be... I'm so excited with my new realisation!!" Carlene Clarke