Offering the flexibility to work and focus on the whole of an individual, at a time, place and pace of a clients choosing.


Through the integration of different theraputic approaches, I can tailor a programme to meet the needs and concerns of each client individually.


Working solely or with a combination of Hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP, EMDR Therapy, Life Coaching, EFT, Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression and Mindfulness.

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Dealing with Mental Health


“I went to see Paul at a rather low point in my life. I lost both of my parents one year after the other.

Even though my career was on an upward trend, I was too afraid to taste the success or to step outside of my comfort zone.

Paul has a great way to allow you to find and to fix the blockers to your own success. Through a few structured sessions, I was able to discover so much more about my inner strengths. My confidence has grown; I could open my arms to embrace new opportunities.

I highly recommend Paul to anyone who feels that they need a little steer to the right direction in their life or their career.

Take this step and you won’t regret it.”

Dr Runli Guo – Business Information Security Officer 

“I contacted Paul after suffering considerable difficulties in my relationships. Paul has a great knack of making one realise the internal issues that are causing blockages in one’s life. It’s not the he has the answers but that he asks the right questions. I found each session shook something up in my deep subconscious that percolated to the surface between sessions. The method is simple but the results profound. I highly recommend Paul for anyone looking for a simple solution to seemingly complex problems”.

Gerald Gregory

“Paul has been wonderful with my two sons. They were treated separately and were both very relaxed in his company, even looking forward to the next time they saw him. He was able to connect with them and although I kept an open mind about how effective it might be, it has exceeded our expectations. We could have struggled on without seeing Paul, but the difference it has made is incredible – I would highly recommend Paul to anyone.”

Caroline South

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